I am a Chelanigan

by Lacey Price September 03, 2015 18:19

Hey there, friend! I trust you've been enjoying the incredible local images on the Commons. I marvel at the beauty of this place every single day; yet I am floored by the artistry and talent of the local photographers who have captured not just the beauty, but the soul of Chelan County with their cameras. Click here to receive e-notices when new images are added in your favorite categories, and follow CCC on Facebook so you can see, like, and share your fav photos.

And now, a definition:

Chelanigan (n.): A person for whom the beauty and bounty of Chelan County is a great source of elation, inspiration and heart palpitation ... resulting in behavior that may include four-season frolicking, treating lakes and/or rivers like dear friends, good manners (including smiling, waving, or offering a friendly "howdy" to passers by), gorging uncontrollably on fresh fruit and veg, star gazing, high school football game attendance, and shopping locally.

I am a Chelanigan. Even though I grew up in Colorado, lived most of my life in Western Washington, and have traveled to Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, and (exotic!) Canada, no place has felt like home to me as much as Chelan County. For me, "Chelan" is so much more than the beautiful lake and town that bear the name; it's a way of living, a perspective on the world, and a tribe I feel like I've been a part of my whole life, even though I didn't know it existed until I moved here three years ago.

Like many transplants, we were drawn by the beauty and adventure built into this place; but we chose to put down roots here because we fell in love with the people. You are my kind of people. Genuine. Kind. Clever. Creative.

Chelan County Commons exists to honor the beauty and bounty of our community by showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of its most creative residents. We are striving to be a meeting place where people who want awesome stuff can find, meet, and support people who create awesome stuff that is locally-inspired and made right here in Chelan County.

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