Artistic Valley Effusions

WarrenArtistic Valley Effusions = Wenatchee toy maker Warren Witte, whose wooden toy creations bring a smile to people's faces, especially children. Warren himself is a local treasure, and if you get a chance to chat with him will surely chat about his years running freely on the rolling hills of the family’s North Dakota farm where he was born. He was surrounded by a large array of pet and farm animals, farming equipment and tools, and many siblings. Making toys out of scraps from around the farm was part of his entertainment in those days, and he’s still making them, except for now they’re all about WOOD. 

A little more background on Warren: In 1955, the family moved to a farm in the Washington Basin, where later he received woodworking training at Ephrata High School. Drawing and drafting were favorite subjects, earning him a job at Boeing. Warren went on to serve our country in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. Later on in life he continued taking instructions from master woodworkers, feeding his creativity until he perfected his wooden toys. “Wood connects you to nature and transports your heart there,” Warren will tell you.

Why does he make toys: His delight is to see children smile and enjoy watching the up/down movement of the “piston”, the main detail in his Signature Wooden Toys. “Everyone wins when you make a child happy!” he says. Warren’s wooden toys draw the attention of many adolescents as they admire their uniqueness, adults who are grateful to see colorful “toys with personality”, and parents who find in these wooden toys an ideal option to entertain their children safely.

His Process: Warren starts each new toy design with a working original drawing. He then carefully carfts each wooden piece and carefully fits them together to form the toy, before applying the final touch of colorful organic paint. The end result? Playful wooden pieces to enjoy, pass on, collect, and make you smile.

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